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Because the majority of our buyers come from outside our area and because many of our owners are part-time residents, we find that providing a summary of our recent sales history can be helpful. Listed below you’ll find various reports summarizing the market trends for finer homes located in Montecito, Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Carpinteria. Unless otherwise noted, these statistical summaries relate to single-family homes valued at approximately $3,000,000 and up and do not include condominiums, vacant land and agricultural properties. Because we are a relatively small community measuring only a few square miles and including only about 2,500 finer homes in total, relying on sales summaries in any short-term period can be difficult. Coupled with the fact that there tends to be at least three different minor markets operating within this finer homes segment based on property value, the performance in any one segment of the market, for instance homes priced from between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000, can be quite different in any period when compared to say the homes priced about $15,000,000. We hope the reports below are helpful.

Montecito/Santa Barbara Market Analysis Of 2016


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