Prestigious History of Sales

Harry Kolb has represented some of the most exclusive estates and charming homes in Montecito, Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch, and Carpinteria - from major estate properties to polo ranches and ocean front properties.

Montecito Properties Previously Represented

Sotto Il Monte by G W Smith

Las Tejas by G W Smith
(represented twice)

Villa Ruscello by Robert Web
(represented twice)

El Fureides by Bertram Goodhue
(represented twice)

La Quinta by Carlton Winslow

Piedra by Wallace Frost
(represented twice)

Mira Vista by Cliff May

Ashley by G W Smith

Las Entradas by Tom Bollay

Woodley by Victor Schumachker

Picacho Lane by Michael de Rose

Oak Creek Canyon by Chester Carjola

E Mountain by Ketzel & Goodman

Jelinda by Jon Sorrell

Meadow House
(represented twice)

Croydon by Benjamin Horner
(represented five times)

Sycamore Canyon by Main Street Arch.

Fairfield by Jock Sewall

Ty-Gwyn by G W Smith

Park Lane by G W Smith
(represented three times)

Bella Vista by Bob Easton

Midwood by Reginald Johnson

E Mountain by John Woolf
(represented twice)

Waters House by Chester Carjola

Edgewild by Carlton Winslow

Las Encinitas by Tichenor & Thorp

La Bergerie by Joseph Plunkett

Mehrador by James Langenheim

Buena Vista by Robert Garland

San Leandro by Joseph Plunkett
(represented twice)

Las Ventanas by Don Swan
(represented twice)

E Mountain by James Morris

Arequipa by Lutah Riggs

Gould Estate by Reginald Johnson
(represented three times)


Parkford House by Jose Luis Curletti
(represented twice)

Stalloreggi by Arent, Moser & Grant

East Valley
(represented twice)

Ortega Ridge by Ketzel & Goodman

Lilac by Robert Ingle Hoyt

Villa Alegria

Chancellor House by G W Smith
(represented twice)

Culley House by G W Smith
(represented twice)

Canby House by G W Smith
(represented twice)

E. Mountain by Paul Grey

Mariposa by Sydney Stacey

Penny Lane by Robert Strahorn

Ocean View Mediterranean

Tierra Bendita by Don Pedersen

Woodley by James Dolena

Casserly House by G.W. Smith
(represented three times)

Malaga by Peter Martin

Olive Mill Lane by Bob Easton

East Valley Road by John T. Whitmore

San Ysidro Road

East Mountain Drive

Sycamore Canyon Road

Vista Linda Lane by Robert Ingle Hoyt

Miramar Ave by Andy Neumann

Freehaven by James Morris

Park Lane Ocean View

Hot Springs Road by Michael Watson
(represented twice)

Picacho Lane
(represented twice)

San Ysidro Lane by Jack Warner

San Ysidro by William Brownell

Miramar Avenue

Hot Springs Road

Olive Mill Lane
(represented twice)

Park Lane by Jack Warner

East Mountain Drive

Bonnymede in Sea Meadow

French Country Estate

Italian Villa with Ocean View

Sea Meadow Estate

El Cedro

Mediterranean Villa

1525 Mimosa Lane

Santa Barbara Properties Previously Represented

Billings Estate by Carleton Winslow

Cuatro Vientos by Reginald Johnson
(represented twice)

Campanil by Jack Warner

Iron Gate
(represented twice)

El Cerrito by Winsor Soule

Stark Estate by G W Smith

Rametto by Carlton Winslow

Garden Street

W Mountain by Judson Morgan

Mission Ridge by Plunkett & Edwards

Anacapa by Robert Strahorn

El Cielito by J Van Bergen

Cima Linda by Donald Sharp

Casa Alura

Braemar by Michael Carmichael
(represented twice)

Cima Linda Lane

Mount Calvary by Stan Crapo

Las Tunas Road

Jimeno Road

Spanish Contemporary

View Home

Hope Ranch Properties Previously Represented

Luminosa in Hope Ranch

Heavenly Oaks by Reginald Johnson
(represented twice)

Cristimar Farm by Gordon Kaufmann

Llano by Roger Phillips

Via Laguna by Henry Lenny


Cantera by Paul Beigh

Moon Shadows by John Lautner
(represented twice)

Via Esperanza by Ketzel & Goodman

HR Riding Club by Reginald Johnson

Vista del Mundo by Harold Vaile


Via Esperanza by Joseph Plunkett

Via Hierba


Birnam Wood Properties Previously Represented

Crocker Sperry

Las Fuentes by Ketzel and Goodman
(represented three times)

Fife Ln by Bob Ray Offenhauser

Birnam Wood Drive by Carl Madson

Inverness Ln by James Morris

Boundary Drive by Jack Warner

Birnam Wood Drive
(represented twice)

Birnam Wood by Jack Warner

Stratford Place by James Morris

Forge Road by James Morris

2059 Boundary

2159 Boundary

Birnam Wood Lot

Carpinteria Properties Previously Represented

Padaro Lane by Tom Meaney
(represented twice)

Casitas Pass by Andy Neumann

Casitas Pass
(represented twice)

Willard Francis Country Retreat

Gobernador Canyon
(represented twice)

Toro Canyon

Vista Linda by Robert Ingle Hoyt
(represented twice)

Sand Point by Henry Lenny

Vista Linda by Bob Easton

Padaro Lane

Padaro Lane by Andy Neumann

Vista Linda Lane

Santa Barbara Polo Club